4 Music Genres You Might Want to Know About

Different countries have Different Music and Styles. Some of these are known worldwide. So this post lists the most famous music types you should know.

1. Hollywood Music

Hollywood is famous in the Film industry of the United States of America, so it is a cinema of the United States. This music is famous all over the world. Listening to Hollywood music fashion today and a new generation attracted toward this music.

Hollywood music, the American film industry and music have grossed more money every year than that of all other countries all over the world. Hollywood is the main source of the most successful movies in the world. There are even music tracks in Hollywood movies that can be used as the anniversary gift for your dear one such as the “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic movie.

2. Hip Hop Music

Hip hop music is the newest form of music and began from New York City. Hip hop music is supposed to be created by cowboys and rappers. The word rap is compared with hip hop. This music is mostly found in African American music. Hip hop style is just like a rapper’s style and this music is just like DJ music.

3. Jazz Music

Jazz music is another famous form of music. Jazz is also a true American-African art form. It’s very difficult to define this music. Jazz is a music tone created in a mind. This is an art creating the form itself. It shows a man’s experience that gain in his Life. This music is very famous around the world.

4. Folk Music

Folk music is supposed to be music of people and it is not related to a single country or people. Folk music generated among common people. Folk music is music of the community of people of a nation and the region.

Folk music is traditional. It mainly used to educate the common people and folk music used to raise people ‘s awareness.

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